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Am I pregnant?. Lock Rss

Hi there I had a miscarriage in Sept and started trying again in Oct when I got my period back which was really light and only lasted a day, when they were due in Nov they did not arrive, I did pregnancy test and it was positive a few days later I had some blood loss about the amount of 2 or 3rd day of period and some period pain went to hopsital thinking miscarriage again and was told to have ultrasound to see, did this and they could not see anything but said this could be because it was just really early, I did another preg test after the bleed as they said it could have beena missed abortion and its still positive Can you still get a postive pregnancy test after a miscarriage?. Could I still be Okay. Is antoher blood test to check HCG the best way to determine if all okay or not?.

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Thank you for your enquiry. Yes you can get a positive pregnancy test after a miscarriage particularly of you did the test at the time you are bleeding or very soon afterwards. You need to wait for about 1 week and then do a repeat test. A pregnancy test relies on the presence of hormones and their levels; these can still be elevated following a miscarriage. A blood test is more accurate but it too can be unreliable if done too early. Any bleeding in pregnancy is regarded as abnormal and needs to be investigated further. It may be a missed abortion but it also could be a small bleed in pregnancy and the pregnancy can then progress without any further problems.

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