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I would like to get rid of all my pubic hair ( lower region) by waxing. Is this safe to do and will it effect my pregnancy or the baby at all.
I am 23 weeks pregnant.



Renee, Qld, Mother of 2

Hi Ren,

Thank you for your enquiry. If you have never waxed all of your pubic hair before you may experience some problems with rashes and pimples due to the sensitive area. It is safe to do in pregnancy but if you are doing it because you are pregnant then it is not recommended. There is no need or reason to remove pubic hair for the birth.

Best wishes,


Hey there Ren76,
I am a beauty therapist so waxing ladies is what I do for a living (although I am on maternity leave at the moment I had a little boy on the 13/12 he's perfect) & I have waxed many pregas ladies. My suggestion to you is to book yourself into a salon for a basic bikini or G-string bikini wax 1st b4 going the full monty (as we call it in our salon), when u are pregnant you are very sensetive as you are when you are having your period. Anyway see how you go with that if it goes ok go a step further on your next booking (3-4wks) ,u still have a little way 2 go with your pregnancy so you will have a chance to get to know your pain threshold. U might b a tough bumpkin but doing what I do and I have been waxing myself (fullmonty) for years when I was pregas I couldn't do it, it was just too painful 4 me so I got as much as I could waxed (close to all) & got my partner to trim the rest up nice & short for me. It was good neat, clean & tidy. GOOD LUCK use the time u have left wisely. & PLz PLZ PLZ if you r going to go ahead with any waxing get it done by a proffessional trust me I've seen some bad sites and you dont want bruising or someone who doesn't know what they r doing to rip skin off you down there. & make sure at the salon you go to they use HOT wax on your bikini line NOT STRIP wax this is very important. Demand Hot wax it is much more gentle on your skin. GOOD LUCK BY BY QUIN

Mumma of 3.

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