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Hi, just a little unsure of what a midwife told me on monday, it didn't hit me until monday night. 32 week visit.

I was asked if anybody had spoken to me about the possibility of placenta breakaway, and I said I didn't think so. She told me someone had, maybe at 15weeks when I saw a dr from the clinic, but at that stage we were more worried about my not holding on to the baby as I was having problems. but the dr booked me in for a c/s 01/02/06 anyway, so she may have mentioned this.The midwife then mentioned that there was a risk of the placenta breaking away. Not thinking I mentioned to the midwife that I had had a lot (7) of scans already and the placenta was up high.

Is there a reason why I would have a greater risk of this happening? Should I call them back to check?
I am 36years old, this will be my 5th child and my fourth c/s. Had bleeding right up until 16weeks but since then a very, very good pregnancy. At the 28.6wk scan I was sent for the baby did show that it only measured 27wks. fundal height monday measured 31wks, but since I was 32 wks this did not seem a prob. Blood pressure 140/80 (a little higher than usual for me) but was told this was fine. I just can't wrk out why placenta breakaway was even mentioned to me, or what signs to look out for if i am in a higher category than norm.

Sorry so long but a little confused.


Hi Michelle,

Thank you for your enquiry. I think that they are talking about your early bleeding. Continued bleeding in early pregnancy is quite often due to the edge of the placenta coming off the wall of the uterus. If it settles and the pregnancy continues, there are no long term effects on the mother or baby. Everything else that you have described to me sounds pretty close to normal and is of no cause for concern.

Best wishes,

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