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Mastitis PLZ help Lock Rss

Hi there I started to develop mastitis on tues night it started as a little pain around my nipple that I did not pay any attention to. I woke up yest with a fever 38.1deg feeling terrable my left breast was all red underneath,engorged, very sore and firm to touch with red scwiggly lines on the outside I knew straight away what it was. I was feeling extremely tired & could not get out of bed, faint, no appatite, really bad headache and back and leg pains, I can't remember the last time I have felt this bad. I have not been breastfeeding my son for 11 days and did all the natural things to eliminate my milk production(cold packed, cabbage leaves, no breast stimulation, nurofen+ & panadol, cool showers) my breasts had been back 2 normal 4 like a week now (nice and soft a little saggy LOL) I had absolutely no problems with that they had also stopped leaking little drops of milk , so im not quite sure what caused the infection. I got myself off to the Dr's at lunch time he has put me on Augmentin Duo 1 tab twice a day with food I feel a little (just a little) better but I could still sleep the day away if I didn't have my little bub to take care of. My breast is still red and sore but the surface temp on it has gone down, my body temp has gone down to 37.5 but I am sweating up a storm when I sleep and my eyes are hot and stingy and I feel weak and dizzy still. All the info I have read on mastitis seems to only apply to breast feeding women on things they can do to help the infection eg. hot pack b4 feeds and cold pack after, massage affected area, express milk bla bla bla. Now I am not breast feeding and I am not sure what I can do to help my infection I have been applying cold packs 2 it but I am scared this may be the wrong thing to do seeing as heat apparently kills infection ( am I feeding the infection?). I am scared to use heat though as I dont want my milk to start up again. Can you plz give me some advice.

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You poor thing. I had it really bad with my son he was my first born. OUCH was all I can say. Take it easy and have loads of water and ice to keep hydratted. I had cool showers and massaged and also I used cabbage leaf that had the cr#p belted out of it. IT STUNK but it worked. I will send a pray for you poor thing another thing let the baby feed off that breast and your other all the time it will help but it will help.

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Hi Quin,
Thank you for your enquiry. It sounds as if you are doing all the right things to help the infection. Ice packs are great and you could also try showers to ease the discomfort. Mastitis is very debilitating and takes about a week to start to feel more normal. The antibiotics will start to help soon and the fevers will ease. Once you recover, you need to keep a close watch on your breast as it could reoccur.
Best wishes,

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