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COULD THIS BE TRUE??????????? Lock Rss

A person that I know, is due to have their 1st baby on the 13th of January 06, Her 1st lot of water was "so called meant to have broken" 24hrs ago, She went into hospital only to be discharged a short time later. The mid wifes/doctors supposely told her to go home and come back in 24hrs if nothing else had happened, to be induced.
Mind you she lives 1hr away from the closet hospital.
Could this be true that even though it is her 1st baby she would have been sent home after her water broke, considering the distance from the hospital she lives??
And could it be true that the hospital will INDUCE her even though she is already going to be 2wks early????
Thankyou for taking your time in reading my queries and hopefully you will be able to give me an accurate answer.
Although I am not an expert I have had 2 children myself and my second was 4 weeks early. Once your waters break you are at risk of serious infection within I believe or was told 24 hours. With a first baby they tend to take there time and you are more careful to get to the hospital on time. I hope that your friend has her baby soon.

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Hi Amanda,
Thank you for your enquiry. There is an increased risk of infection when the waters have broken. So, some hospitals have a policy to induce a baby within 24 – 48 hours when the waters go so this may be the reason. A baby is still considered to be at term when born two weeks early so there is minimal risk to the baby at this late stage of the pregnancy. I hope that answers your questions.
Best wishes,

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