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Baby not liking Formula milk Rss

Hi Alexandra,

My son is 9mths old now and I am giving him bottle feeds and night-time breast feeds. I will stop breast feeding once he starts sleeping through the night. He doesnt seem to like formula milk. we used s26 gold before and now use karicare gold...he only manages to drink abt 90mls while hungry...and refuses to drink the rest. we think he would like the flavoured milks that are marketed for s26 gold vanilla flavour.......would it be ok to give tht to him once a day?? he eats 3 small meals a day. Would love your advice.

Dips QLD, DS 07/06/05

It is recommended that all babies under 12 months of age are given breast milk or formula milk that is modified cows milk. The older toddler milk has not been modified to suit a younger baby and is considered a supplement to milk – it also contains sugar. These milks are not really recommended especially to a baby under 12 months and are not necessary for an older baby either as cows milk is more than adequate. A baby at nine months tends to reduce its milk intake as it starts to commence a regular diet. You can offer your son yoghurt or cheese as a supplement to milk. Offer food first and then breast milk later. Once your baby is 12 months you can start offering cow’s milk as an alternative to breast milk. You can also use a cup with a lid rather than a bottle as babies of this age can use a cup very well.
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