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Hi there
My hubby and I are thinking about trying for another baby however I still have quite a gap in my stomach muscles from being pregnant from my first baby who is now nearly 18 months old. The gap starts just above my belly button and is slightly wider than a thumb width and seems to join up again below it . Is this normal after having a baby? My baby was 9lb 3oz so he was a bit of a whopper. Will this affect my next pregnancy and are there any exercises I could do to encourage them to join together again. I am quite fit other than this and do sit ups a couple of times a week. I would really apprecite your advice.

Melinda, ChCh, 17mth old son

Thank you for your enquiry. Abdominal separation occurs with most pregnancies. In order to try to reduce the separation you need to do exercises to try to get the muscles to come together. Sit ups are a really good way to strengthen these muscles. There are also some good yoga stretches & exercises that can help. Sometimes it is difficult for the muscles to come back totally together. It sounds as if you are helping to fix the separation and your carers will check the extent of the separation during and after another pregnancy to monitor the extent of the separation. Occasionally a woman can experience a larger separation (over 4cm) and need further treatment. You may also want to discuss it with your GP and it can be checked to see if you need any further help, such as physiotherapy.
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