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i have a few questions 2 ask..??
First im really confused about my due date??i was told by my gp on the 30th of dec 05 i was around 4-5 weeks, which meant my EDD was the 3rd of sept.
This was a rough date i had given him of my first day of last period,after going home and checking my diary 2 confirm the date i had given, i found that the date was wrong and in fact the date was the 27th of november05. So i worked it out with my mum and found that my due date was the 3rd of aug this year. And from that i should now be 20 weeks. I just want to know how far pregnant i really am??

Second,going by the guessing of my dates i should be about 5 months,i have put on weight but have not yet filled out,my tummy is a little firmmer but still looks like normal,is this normal??also i dont look pregnant like others mothers y is that??

If being 20 weeks pregnant i yet have not had a OB appointment nor an ultra sound so iam a bit worried about that, should i be??
im booked in for the 20th of march,and im not sure what to expect if im so far pregnant. ive been booked in for months,i dont understand..


kely nsw , EDD aug 3rd 2006

Thank you for your enquiry. The most reliable method of estimating when your baby is due is to use a reliable last menstrual period date. This is the first day of your last menstrual period. If you are sure of this date, then this is the best date to use. Another indication of how far pregnant you are is feeling the baby move. This usually starts at around 20 weeks for first time mothers. Most women expecting their first baby don’t tend to have too many changes to their shape until over 24 weeks, other than some thickening around the waist. You may start noticing that your trousers can’t do up. If your LMP is 27th November your EDC is 7th August. It is ideal to have an ultrasound scan around 18 – 20 weeks as this is a good time to see the baby and to check your dates. If you do think that you are further than your doctor has estimated you could try to get an earlier appointment for a scan but try not to worry too much as there should be no extra concerns if the scan is done when the baby is a bit older. In early pregnancy the check ups are every month and then get more frequent as you progress. Once the scan is done you should have a better idea as to your dates.
Best wishes,

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