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Cloth V's Disposables... Rss

I have chosen to use disposable nappies. I am returning to work after 4 months. My partners parents and mine will look after bubs when needed, my mum wanted me to use cloth nappies but I don't want to, I said if she wanted to use them whilst she is caring for him that is fine.... My question is, would there be a problem alternating between the 2 different sorts of nappies?

Hope to hear from you soon smile


Hi Amanda,
Thank you for your enquiry. Your choice of nappies is entirely up to you. If your baby shows no signs of nappy rash with the change in nappies then there is nothing to worry about. Some babies can have problems with their skin with different disposable nappies and also with cloth nappies. You also need to use waterproof pants over cloth nappies and they don’t tend to be as absorbent as the newer disposable nappies.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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