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About the 3 weeks before the end of feb i started getting a sore rigth breast ( burning , tension , and sometimes it just felt weird ) some times my left breast had the same thing but maninly my rigth , during the first week when it start there was one day when it was really tension and sore has well has the area down by my belly button, i didnt think much of it but has weeks when on it stay the same i notice i was starting to pee alot more has well , i ended up been 7 days late for my Period then i turning around and got it , so i through i wasnt pregnant but even after and during my period i was still getty sore breast and peeing more there was one day when it was just my nipple that was sore and when i touch it it tictkle or would hurt abit some times its just the top of the breast that feels weird by the chest area , and i have been told that some ppl still get it why they are pregnant ,its been about 3 weeks now and im still getty sore breast or the just feel weird i noitce the ring around the nipple has gone to a ligth brown and there are samll dots things on the ring or near the nipple my mum said u get them when u are preganent and there is milk , i noicted 2 weeks ago i started getty reallt terid even knw i was going to bed early , im still peeing alot and its sometimes a really dark yellow like a brown colour im sometimes eating alot more too , but in the last week i noitce ive been getty kinda of a pan pain just under my belly button or on 2 the rigth side to that and dwn abit sometimes it sharp , my freinds think i am but im too sure has i havent got morning sickess at all and ppl have told me that not everyone gets it and that some do get it later on , ive done the test twice n it has come out Not Preganent i have been told it may be 2 early by my docotor has i wuld just be 3 wks if i am , is there a chance that i could be preganent ?
Thank you for your enquiry. It is very common to get tender breasts before a period as well as in early pregnancy. Throughout your life hormone levels fluctuate so this may be more noticeable at some times than at others. It is best to wait until about 5 days after your period is due to test for pregnancy. If you are trying to fall pregnant it sounds as if it should happen soon.
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