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Bleeding after curette Rss

Thanks for taking the time to read this.

I went for my 12 week scan to find that the baby had died. I had a curette on the 8th March. I had what was called a blighted ovum. I had no miscarriage simptoms at all. I only bled for 12 hours after the op. On the Sunday night I started bleeding again.

Is this normal. It is now Saturday night and I thought they had finished again but have come back again. I maybe over anxious as I wanted to try for another baby straight away.

I am just confused to how long this should be happening after the curette.

Thankyou. Any help would be great.

Hi Collette

I bled for approximately 5 weeks after my curette. Don't worry it will stop eventually. If not go back to the docs.

I was told to wait three cycles before trying again. Have just tried again and no success.



Hi again.

I also have noticed a burning sensation down there somewhere. I doesn't hurt to wee thought. Now I'm wondering if I may have an infection that also may be causing the bleeding to hang round. It almost stops to just spotting and a couple of hours latter it can be quite constant again.

Thank you for your enquiry. It is very common for a small amount of bleeding to continue for 2 -3 weeks following a curette. If the bleeding is smelly or you are experiencing lots of cramping you need to see your local doctor.
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