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Hi, I am 22 weeks preganant. My 18 week ultrasound was 3 weeks ago, and I received a phone call yesterday from a Dr advising me that my Baby has a abnormality in the left ventrical of the heart. This is my second child, who had no problems what so ever. The Dr said there is nothing to worry about, and that it will most likely correct itself. BUT, I have to have another ultrasound in 10 weeks time to make sure it has corrected itself. She also said it is very common, is this true and can you give me any other information regarding this issue as I don't have alot of faith in Dr's (due to my own past experiences), and tend to trust midwives alot more. I am really stressed out about this as you can imagine, not only the not knowing and the waiting but the fact they waited 3 weeks to let me know about this!!!! Please help me to understand this better so I can enjoy the rest of my pregnancy without the stress of worrying about whether my baby is ok.
thank you,

Blaire, VIC

Thank you for your enquiry. This is sometimes a problem with ultrasounds. They are getting more accurate and are able to show up things that were never seen before and also many doctors didn’t disclose the findings to the parents. Sometimes abnormalities show up on ultrasounds that are related to the baby’s development at that time and once the baby is more mature these differences disappear. A baby’s heart and blood flow into the heart changes dramatically following birth. Something that looks a bit abnormal now may not mean a problem once the baby is born. I know that it is difficult not to worry but if you are overly concerned you can have the results sent to a different doctor for a second opinion. Contact your GP for further advice.
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