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i was just wondering if you can help me i am 14 weeks pregnant and the past 4 weeks havent been the best i have had some spotting and been for an ultra sound last week and everything was ok but i still dont feel pregnant i am a little over weight do you think this might be why or is it just because i am only 14 weeks thanks

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Thank you for your enquiry. It is not uncommon to feel as though you are not pregnant at this early stage in your pregnancy. There are no external signs that you are pregnant and you are not feeling any movements as yet. Don’t worry as this is a great time to enjoy you will soon notice that your middle will start to thicken and when you start feeling the baby move from about 20 weeks then you will feel as it is real. Some women say with their first that they don’t really notice the pregnancy until towards the end.
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Hi, I am currently 8 weeks pregnant so it is still very early but I have had one concern since week 5 – I have had a num & sharp odd pain near my appendix which makes me uncomfortable. I have spoken to my doctor & she that a lot does go on down there so if I don’t have any bleeding or a pain that starts to make me sick I should just got with the flow and enjoy. My husband says that we can’t do anything at the moment until w3e have an ultrasound to see if all is ok do you think that it is safe to wait? I guess I’m just a bit scared as I don't know what I am suppose to feel.

Thanks for your help.
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