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I have a 3 week old bub who I am trying hard to b/f. In the last week or so I have had shooting pains in both my breasts every time I feed him & they are so painful that I end up in tears & am reluctant to put him on the breast....

But the pain lasts only for the first few minutes then goes away, but comes back each time I have to re attatch him after a quick break. I have tried to express a bit before I feed him & this helps a little, but I'd like to eliminate the problem so b/f is more comfortable for the both of us...(and pain free for me)
Thank you for your enquiry. It can sometimes be difficult when you are trying to establish breast feeding but the rewards are there if you can get through the first weeks. Tender nipples when the baby first latches can persist for quite a few weeks. There are a few things that you can try – such as expressing milk before and after feeding to rub into the nipples, you can also try to keep your breasts as free as possible when you are at home and to let the milk flow without holding it in with a bra and breast pads. Also you need to get the baby to open his mouth as wide as possible before he latches – you can do this by rubbing the nipple over his mouth from top to bottom. If you are finding that the discomfort is not improving, you may have a thrush infection in the nipples. This is easily treated with gel that is available from pharmacies. It is the sort that is used for babies mouths – you also need to treat your son’s mouth too as he can reinfect the nipples.
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