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hi im 35 weeks and im so depressed i have lost alot of mates from being pregnant and moody. i cry at least half a day every day my parnter is in the army and is away all the time. i cant stand being pregnant any more i dont even do the shopping by my self i wait till he gets back. its driving me insane i feel like if she isnt out soon im gona lost please help is there any way i can make her come out now.

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I know how you feel,my husband too is in the Army,I'm 33 weeks and also have a 3 yrs.She will comw when she ready,My 1st was 2 weeks late and I had her in Summer in NSW.Once she is here it all will be worth it.Good luck.


Hi there,
I'm sorry to hear you're having a hard time of it. I know so many people expect you to be happy and tell you to enjoy yourself, but when you're not feeling well and have little support it's easy not to enjoy being pregnant. I'm a mother of 2 with the 3rd is due in 8 weeks. My husband is away more often than he is home with his work as well. It can be very hard for others to understand your depression. Could I suggest that you go and talk to your GP about your depression. If they don't take you seriously see another doctor, one who has more of an interest in womens health. I have been down the path of post natal depression and it started well before the baby was born. I was moody and had little patience, my family didn't understand and it made it even harder. Find yourself a good doctor, and ask them what groups in your community you can go to for help once the baby arrives. It doesn't get any easier once you have your new bubs if you still have the blues. Good luck and best wishes
Thank you for your enquiry. It sounds as if you need some extra support during the pregnancy as these feelings more than likely will continue once the baby is born. You need to talk to your local GP f or more information and help with your feelings. There is also a really helpful website that has just launched a special pregnancy and post natal information section. . Your baby is best left where it is for the moment as you are providing the best care for it and it would struggle if it was born now.
Best wishes,

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