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too soon? Rss

i just had my first baby on 3rd jan who is 11wk but im really wanting to get pregnant again so all my kids are close together age wise but was just wonderin if it is too soon and how long i should wait i feel like my body is compleatly back to normal but is it ready for another baby?

nadine,wa,baby boy 3/1/06

i was just like you i wanted to fall pregnant straight away to!!!!! but i waited and now 2 years later i am pregnant again i think this is a relly good age gap just wait and get used to your little one first and if you still feel the same then start trying again whan your baby is one i think that you have to let you body get over the first pregnancy and labour fist then by all means go for it

Carolanne,Cameron & Emily born 8th sept

Thank you for your enquiry. The answer to this question is the best time is when you feel up to it. If you are healthy and have recovered well from the birth, then there is no reason to wait. Make sure that you get plenty of rest and support as it is quite tiring and very busy with very small children.
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