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Hi Alex,

Just wondering. My son Joshua is 7 weeks old now.Since birth his been getting diarrohea,could it be the food im eating or could it be my milk?... Hes for ever on the boob and thriving hes growing pretty fast but wonder why his poo is runny all the time.What can fix this problem. I been thinking of putting him on the bottle, any help will be appreciated.


Jane,FNQ,Brandon 9yrs,Jayden 3yrs,Joshua 9mths

Thank you for your enquiry. A breast fed baby has mustard coloured runny poo with some curds or lumps in it. This is normal. It may look like diarrhea but it is not. Breast fed babies never get constipated. Sometimes breast fed babies can get bright green poos and this is a sign that the baby is getting too much of the first milk in the breast so you need to make sure that the baby properly empties one breast before offering the other and this will help.
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