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I have been weaning my 6mnt old baby for about two weeks. Before I started weaning she was feeding every three hrs. Since I have been giving her the bottle she has been going every 2 1/2 hrs if not before. When she has the bottle she does not drink the 180 mls she leaves about 60mls in the bottom.
She is also having some Baby rice in the morning and still demands the bottle at around the same time.
Am I feeding her too often?
Thank you for your enquiry. You don’t say why you are weaning as it is beneficial to continue breast feeding past six months to at least a year for both you and your daughter. From six months your daughter will start taking solids and very soon she will rely less on breast milk and will drop one to two feeds. Women tend to find it easier to continue breast feeding even if they have other commitments as you may only have to miss one feed and can express enough to cover this feed. When you are starting to introduce solids, you gradually build up the amount that you give and the frequency – getting to about ½ cup of food three times/day. You offer the solids first and then milk a little later. If it is early days the baby doesn’t get enough solids to satisfy and will demand the milk very soon after the solids but later this can be stretched out when the intake of solids increases. The routine is something like: early morning breast feed, breakfast, mid morning breast feed, lunch, early afternoon breast feed, (sometimes an extra breast feed squeezed in here) dinner, evening breast feed. It can take a little while for this to sort itself out but it will happen.
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