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Long Cycle and not Ovulating... Lock Rss

Hi, my name is Sarah,

My problem is that I have a 40 day cycle and as far as my first progesterone test showed I am not ovulating this month. I have another 2 of these tests to go for over my next 2 cycles. But was owndering if you could advise me of anything I can do to help shorten my cycle and ovulate monthly like I used to.

I am only 22yo and we are ttc for #2 at the moment, so as you can imagine this is very unwelsome news for us.

Any advice would be greatly appreciated.


4yo son & TTC no. 2

HI Sarah,
Sorry I'm not Alex replying, but just wanted to say that I may be in the same boat.

My cycles were always regular (28/29 days) and i came off pill in January to TTC#2. My first cycle (off the pill) came 9 days late and im in my 2nd cycle and am currently 14 days late with no sign of AF. I am going to buy an ovulation microscope or thermometer i think. But im with you in your question to Alex...

...any advice for us Alex!! Thanks!
Hi Sarah,
Thank you for your enquiry. Unfortunately I am unable to offer any real suggestions for your situation. Your body is dictating its own cycle that is really beyond your control. All I can suggest is that you need to try to be as healthy as possible as far as diet, exercise and weight goes so that you can give your body every chance to return to your normal cycle. You may also want to seek advice from alternative medicines such as Chinese herbalists or acupuncture, or naturopaths as sometimes they use methods that can work on some women.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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