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Hi Alex,

I'm currently 8 weeks into my 2nd pregnancy. I just recently booked my first ante natal appointment in Westmead Children hospital. However, the appointment will be on the 8 May. By that time, I would already be 3 months pregnant. I wonder if this is very late as I know, during the early stage of pregnancy, you need to hv ante natal checkup every month. I remembered I had a first ultrasound to check how big the baby was with my first pregnancy when I was 7 weeks pregnant.

I appreciate any advise you can give.

Thank's and regards,

I am about 7 weeks pregnant and I just booked into Nepean and my first appt is on the 20th June. I had some cycle problems so the Dr doesnt even really know if thats how far I am.
If I am 7 weeks then that means I will be around 17 weeks at my first antenatal appt I thought it was earlier then this I went in at 13 weeks with my first baby and around the same with my second.
Did they make it later cause this is my 3rd child I dont know but i thought they would get me in sooner considering I dont even know my due date.


Hi Sani,
Thank you for your enquiry. If you are otherwise healthy there it is safe to wait to have your first visit at the hospital at around three months. You should in the meantime visit your GP for routine blood tests and a check up. An early ultrasound at 7 weeks is not necessary, it is only really recommended if you are experiencing problems or are really unsure of your dates. An ultrasound to check the baby’s health is better attended at around 19weeks.
Best wishes,

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