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I am wondering if you can tell me if there is a known connection between IUGR and anemia.
I am now pregnant with my 5th baby and in my last pregnancy I was diagnosed with IUGR and anemia. At the time I just thought it was coincidence but it would seem that history is repeating itself as I am now 32 weeks and have quite marked anemia and am being sent for an ultrasound as I am measuring at 28 weeks all pointing to a repeat performance.
Any other info on IUGR would be great too.


Juanita, QLD,10/94, 12/96, 01/98, 11/00, 05/06

Hi Juanita,
Thank you for your enquiry. There is a link between anaemia and IUGR but it is not considered as a primary cause of IUGR. A high risk factor for IUGR is smoking during pregnancy or having pre-eclampsia. Your anaemia needs to be adequately treated so that it doesn’t add to any problems with your baby’s growth. You need to discuss any other possible risk factors you may have with your doctor. IUGR occurs when the placenta doesn’t function as efficiently and effectively as it should so the baby doesn’t grow as expected. This doesn’t mean that they have any brain retardation and the vast majority grow up to be healthy children and adults. I have found an article that further explains IUGR quite clearly:
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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