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Was just wondering if you could tell me the difference between the Nan and Karicare, the nan formula seemed to make my son constipated and cry with pain sometimes going nearly 3 days without bowel motions have been told this can sometimes happen but when he went it was bright green, tried brown sugar water etc this didnt help, now he has started to poo every day being dark green with mustard colour thoughout but they are quite runny, a few people have suggested I swap to Karicare but not sure if I should, Just wondering what is the difference

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hi my son was the same but he was having the s26 he was always moaning with stomach pain so i switch to karicare so see wat that was like and it is so much better he never moans anymore and seems to be pooing just fine so i would definatly recomend karicare using the karicare gold

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When I had my Daugther 10 years ago and then my son 2 years ago I had the same problem. My child clinic nurse put me onto Heniz baby formula which was new to the market back then. My daugther put on weight and started to have bowel movements every day. I have since told all my friends and relatives about this formula and all have use it and been very happy with it. I am due to have a baby in 5 weeks and I will be using the heniz formula again for this baby.

Sue, NSW

Thank you for your enquiry. Karicare is a whey based formula and Nan is a Casein base formula – the differences are explained below:
Whey based (or 'premium' formulas are the most similar to human milk protein composition. New and premature babies should be given these for the first 8 weeks of life as they will find it easier to digest. Whey formulas put less strain on the kidneys (low renal solute load) therefore reducing the incidence of dehydration. Casein based formulas - Casein is a larger protein molecule and it forms curds that are more slowly digested. It satisfies hungry babies and is much more economical. It may cause digestive discomfort or constipation in some infants due to the longer digestive time.
Most formulas are whey based so you may want to swap to these if you are experiencing problems with Nan. Please don’t give your baby brown sugar as this is not recommended at all for any treatment or consumption at any time. If your baby gets constipated, offer cooled boiled water only between feeds. A normal stool for a formula fed baby is formed and dark green.
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