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My real due date? Lock Rss

The last period i had before i was preggie went from the 24th december 05 - 5th January 06, 12days!!
For the first 7 days it was really, really light, the rest it was like my actual period.
The 24th dec 05 makes me due on the 29th sept 06, but im actually 12 1/2wks not 13 1/2wks.
Should my date be from the 1st jan 06??
Should i explain this to my doctor??
Thankyou, Denidestiny.
Thank you for your enquiry. Yes it does sound as if your LMP may be a little later but if you were bleeding to any real extent from 24th December, then this date would be the one to go from. You should probably talk this over with your doctor as it doesn’t make much difference at the moment but it may later in the pregnancy if your baby goes over due.
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<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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