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Hey there my little mans now 19 months old and still wants the breast!!!! Do u have any suggestions on how i can wean him? I've tried only offering it at night but he still wants it for his afternoon sleep. Also he will come to me in the day lift my top and say "BOOBY". Someone suggested vegemite on the nipple which i tried but he kept coming back for more till it was all gone. Please help me cos i feel people look at me in disgust with a 19mth still on the boob......

Kerann, NT

Thank you for your enquiry. The World Health Organisation actually recommends women to breast feed there babies for the first two years of a baby’s life so you are doing a great job. It is fine to feed your son at home and especially in the evening but sometimes it can be awkward during the day. It might be good to try to just feed him to settle at night and cut out any day feeding so that he doesn’t ask for it at awkward times. Don’t worry about not giving it to him during the day I’m sure that he will go to sleep with no problems – try to be firm – maybe even get someone else to put him down for a little while. Also you could try to distract him when he asks bit giving him a drink of milk in a cup or some other treat – even a push on the swing to really get his mind off it.
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