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Hi Alex. I gave birth last July to my baby girl but my pregnancy had a strange start. I was about 5weeks pregnant and had bleeding just the odd spot for a couple of days. A week later I had cramping, bleeding like the first day of a period - quite heavy and in intense pain. I went to see my doctor he said I was having a threatened miscarriage and went to have a scan to have it investigated. The radiographer scan on my belly and couldn't see much and also scaned vaginally. When the results came back the doctor said I had a blighted ovum a sack but no developing baby and would miscarry naturally. I then took two months supply of the pill after the first month I had a bleed but it was only two days. After taking the second pack I didn't have a period so took a pregnancy test, it was positive. I was a little upset and adjusting to the whole baby thing when I went for the first scan expecting to be 13 weeks, I was 23weeks pregnant. The baby dated back to the date I apparently miscarried! Why did this happen to me? I bled so much so believed I miscarried and I belived the doctors and the scan picture apparently showing nothing but a big black blob. Will this happen again? Should I have had a followup scan when they said I miscarried, it was strange and I still felt pregnant a month later? Please answer me this was a really traumatic time in my life.

Bess, NZ baby girl 01 July 2005

Thank you for your enquiry. It sounds as if you went through a bit of a traumatic time. From the sound of it you just had some bad luck – the baby must have really stuck there and been a fighter. Sometimes you can have a threatened miscarriage and bleed a lot and then go on to have a perfectly healthy baby. The blood comes from the placenta in this case so it is your blood and poses no long term problem to the baby. It was unfortunate that the ultrasound was inaccurate but this also can happen sometimes as it is still only classed as a basic form of testing and is not fail proof. It also can’t detect many abnormalities in babies. In retrospect you may have needed to have another scan to check what was happening but this is not routinely done if the bleeding settles and the scan stated a blighted ovum. Perhaps the radiographer should have recommended this in his report if he was not clear about what he was seeing on the scan. If you still felt pregnant a quick pregnancy test would have solved any suspicions. It is very unfortunate what happened and upsetting to experience but the chances of it happening again are almost negligible.
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