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Hi I think i may have landed myself with a ..i don't like to say bad but yes a bad midwife. just wondering about a few of these things

i didn't get an exam at 10 weeks, no bloods no smear no internal and no clamydia test. now at 20 weeks my doctor mentioned it and sounded concerened that i hadn't had it and ordered the std check (thankfully all clear there) should i really have had that checked out at 10 weeks?

my midwife doesn't weigh all. she said i'll know if im gaining weight or baby ive never been pregnant before and isnt your weight a good way of telling how baby is? eg too much too fast: pre-eclampsia

when i call her about a question i have she puts foward the attitude that i am interrupting makes me really uncomfortable and lately ive been fainting lots but dont want to bother her..silly i know

am i just being crazy or do i need a new midwife and if so how do i go about telling my current midwife that ive chosen to go somewhere else??

First time mum, due in August 06


I suggest if your not happy with her you find a new one. It is important that you and your baby get the best care possible and if you feel your not then you need to tell her your not happy. Don't worry what she thinks. I hope it all works out for you and that you find someone else that treats you better.

Ds 17/10/06

hi, with my 3 pregnecys they didnt bother wih weight as they seem to think mums will eat less if the see the weight pilling on, they can feel roughly how the baby is growing. and with my third baby they stopprd cheeking urine which i was worried about how would they know if there was protein or suger in you wee? I supose they are trying to save on money, its not good.
good luck catherine

Thank you for your enquiry. Remember this is your pregnancy and baby and if you are not completely happy and comfortable with your carer during your pregnancy then it is always a good idea to get a second opinion. Go to another midwife and talk to her to see if you feel that she follows your beliefs about pregnancy care and birth and is willing to support you. During pregnancy there are no set rules for tests and investigations besides recommending initial blood testing and usually an ultrasound at 19 weeks. Increasingly there is more evidence to support less testing on healthy women experiencing healthy pregnancies and this includes routine weighing and urine testing. Many midwives now work under evidenced based practice rather than ‘routine’ so this is why you may be finding that she is not doing ‘routine’ tests. You may find that your relationship will improve the further pregnant that you become and spend more time with her. You need to discuss your concerns with her and if you feel that you are not satisfied then don’t be concerned about changing carers as it is best that you feel comfortable with your carer.
Best wishes,

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