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I had a blood test and they told me I am about 6-7 weeks pregnant according to my HCG levels.
When I as pregnant with my first baby I had high blood pressure and I used to get a pain in my chest and i described to the doctors when I was in hospital and they told me it was epigastric pain I think thats how you spell it.
Well anyway I have been getting those pains for about 24hrs now and they were so bad last night.
When i had my blood test the Dr checked my blood pressure and she said its a little high but nothing to be worried about yet.
Do you think I should be worried about the epigastric pain or could it be something else.
Is 6-7 weeks to early to have high blood pressure.
Also is it normal to be getting bad cramps like strong period pains I cant remember having bad cramps for this long with my other 2 pregnancies.



Thank you for your enquiry. The pain that you are getting may be indigestion which is very normal in early pregnancy. You could try some antacid medication to see if it eases it. If you are prone to hypertension then it is not abnormal to have elevated BP early in pregnancy. You may need it checked again soon to see if it is staying elevated. This should not be causing epigastric pain at this stage – epigastric pain is associated with pre-eclampsia which occurs much later in pregnancy and more likely in first pregnancies. Cramping in early pregnancy can be quite uncomfortable as long as there is no associated bleeding and the pain is not constant it should soon settle.
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