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30 weeks, small baby.....Need your advice... Lock Rss

Hi, I went to the doctors this week for a check up, this being my third pregnancy. I thought I was quite big in size of belly, from the other two..Dr asked how big my other two were (6lb9oz & 7lb11oz).He is concerned that me being 30 weeks that baby isn't very big...and that in 10 days time I have to get a fetal growth and well being scan and then see Ob. But in the mean time I have to do the 10 kicks in 10 hour rule...and if I don't he said to get myself to the Hospital....Would you be able share any of your useful knowledge on what the dangers are that he is thinking Iam going beside myself in counting and thinking what it could the other two were problem free pregnancies...Thanking You!!
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Thank you for your enquiry. Try not to worry too much it may be worthwhile getting a second opinion. The kick chart helps assess if the baby is happy and healthy – if it is having plenty of movements it is a good sign. If a baby is not growing as the norm it can be a sign that the placenta may not be functioning as well as it should, the mother has some underlying problem such as high blood pressure or the baby may have some problem. Sometimes doctors tend to be very cautious and rush into extra tests early. Get another person to look at you and your baby (your GP perhaps) so that you can be more certain either way.
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