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i have noticed how bad this yr is for gastro my kids have had it off and on for the last 3 wks, and i had it once in that time but wasnt a bad lot of it.

can this pose any risk to being preganant getting gastro??

i went into labour with my second when i had gastro.

and since my 3rd was a premie i am getting really worried about getting gastro again.

are their was to prevent gastro?, as i do know my kids bring it home from childcare.

we have all been taking those acido and bif pills it the hope we wont get it to bad.

would it be a good i dea to take these all the time, while the gastro season is on.?

Thank you for your enquiry. Gastroenteritis is a highly infectious disease that is easily passed from child to child. Methods that you can use to try to prevent the spread is to try to isolate the child affected and to use strict hygiene techniques when caring for this child such as hand washing, thorough washing and sterilizing of all teats and bottles and keep all utensils separate from the others, and wash linen separately and dry in the sun. It is also a really good idea to wash your children’s face and hands as soon as they get home from childcare. Acidophilus tablets help to restore the normal flora to the gut following a bout of gastro, they don’t prevent the infection. It is best to try to avoid getting gastro during pregnancy as if it is a severe infection it can cause problems, mainly due to the high fever. If you do get gastro it is best to see your local doctor for treatment and to keep your intake of fluids high.
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<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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