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Do I have Haemoroids? Lock Rss

I know this sounds silly but can you have haemoroids that aren't painfull? I'm 35 weeks pregnant and have just noticed ball like protrusions around my anus, they aren't painfull, I can't realy feel them at all.
Do they require treatment or can I just ignore them if they don't bother me? How are they treated?
Thanks for your time
Hi Steff,
Thank you for your enquiry. Yes you can have hemorrhoids that aren’t painful. You may notice some blood on wiping after opening your bowels, however, and this is from the hemorrhoids. You can treat them if they are uncomfortable with a cream that is available from your pharmacy. They may become worse following the birth of your baby but they will soon ease and you may need some medication at this time.
Best wishes,

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