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hi i am 26 weeks pregnant with my first baby and am curious to know if it is normal to have a very active baby that kicks and moves around all day and pretty much all night too?i love that he does but everyone else i have spoken to havent had a baby this active.also i am getting worried about my labour and wondered is there anyway to calm myself and prepare myself for it.thanks tiggs

tiggs,mum to toddler and due again in july

Hi tiggs,
Thank you for your enquiry. An active baby is a good sign that the baby is healthy so don’t worry. As for preparation for labour it is best to learn as much as you can about what lies ahead and to prepare yourself by maintaining fitness, getting enough rest, attending yoga classes for pregnant women, and eating the right foods.
Best wishes,

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Hi tiggs,

I have a 7 months old Jackson, and boy was he active too! I worked right up until 4 weeks before I gave birth (as a waitress), so most of the day, and night I was on my feet. When I sat down for my break or just to take a breather during the day no body could believe how much he would move! and then it was back to work until I would get into the car to drive home or get into bed and the party in my belly would still be kicking on! I guess all I'm trying to say is I had a wonderful pregnancy, a rewarding labour and a beautiful happy healthy baby who to this day doesn't sit still for five minutes! so movement is a great thing and goodluck with your special little bundles arrival,

take care, Renae x

Ren WA

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