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Hi Alex,

I have a four month old baby girl and I have been concerned the last couple of weeks as she has been very upset when passing wind. Sometimes she will cry for nearly an hour on and off while trying to pass wind. I have tried using infacol and infants friend to help her, but it doesn't seem to have much effect. She cries the hardest as she is passing the wind and she is stiff as a board when doing it. It seems like such a big fuss to make over a fart. She only poos once a week on average, but the health nurse said this was normal for a breastfed baby. Should I be concerned by her problem with passing wind? Or is this normal?

Thanks for your help.

Ava Janes' Mum

Ava jane 07/12/05, Sophia Anne 02/02/08

Hi Layla,
Thank you for your enquiry. It doesn’t really sound as if your baby has wind to be making this much fuss. Quite often babies of this age are unsettled in the evening and have a period of crying and apparent discomfort. If this is what she is experiencing then it really isn’t wind – just the time of day when she is a bit grizzly. It can be due to hunger, tiredness and a bit of wind. The best things to try are: a warm, deep relaxation bath, a walk in the pouch or a walk in the pram. Time outside is also good if the weather is still warm. Pooing once a week can be normal for breast fed babies. If she is exclusively breast fed she will not get constipated.
Best wishes,

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