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Leg Cramps Lock Rss

I am 36 weeks pregnant and i have been getting servere muscle cramps in my calf muscles during the night. I have had many recommendations as to how to solve this problem, but nothing has worked. It is quite painful the next day and would love to hear some other remedys on how to solve this problem.

hi, hehe i also had the cramps when i was prego's ... but mostly at night - especially when i stretched my legs...very painful...apparently it's lack of salt in your diet. sorry, i dont have a remedy. I just tried to avoid stretching my legs. You have only a few weeks to go...after bub's is born - they are also gone smile
oh u poor thing, I know exactly how u feel. I had the same problem with severe leg cramps with my first pregnancy, its awful. I talked to my local pharmacist at the time and she advised me that it was simply due to a calcium deficiency as yr growing baby takes a lot of yr calcium supply from about 6mths try taking a daily calcium supplement and it should fix the problem. It did for me and also for 2 of my girlfriends who experienced the same problem.
I recommend "bone support" calcium tabs made by nutri medicine as they contain 250mg per tab and also contain magnesium and folic acid.
Hope it works for you 2 - good luck!!

Sue, VIC, 20mth baby

Thank you for your enquiry. Leg cramps are an unfortunate side effect during pregnancy. You can try yoga, elevating your legs above your heart at least once a day, ensuring an adequate fluid intake and perhaps try a sport drink or two to replace minerals; bananas are also helpful to replace potassium.
Best wishes,

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