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I have a 10 month old. I had a good pregnancy until about 30 weeks when I started itching. I had cholestasis. I was put on medication and weekly hospital visits with ultrasounds and bloodtests. It was all fine until 37 weeks when my blood pressure went high. I was admitted overnight and it was monitored and was allowed to leave the next day. I was in 2-3 times a week getting checked and the baby monitored. I was due to be induced at 38 weeks. 2 days before my induction I was in the shower, heard a popping sound and looked down to see a lot of blood. We rushed to the hospital where I had an emergency caesar under general anesthetic. Thank God the baby was fine. Afterwards they couldnt stop the bleeding and I had to go back in for surgery. They managed to stop it. I lost over 1.5L of blood and had to have 4 blood transfusions. Also became anemic. I am ready to have another baby but I was just wondering what the chances of this happening again were. I had a placental abruption. I know that I will be really scared to get past 37 weeks. Will they let me go to term or will I be able to have the next baby early?
Hi Lisa,
Thank you for your enquiry. It sounds as if you experienced some pretty scary stuff with your first pregnancy. I’m glad that everything worked out alright. This time it is great to be prepared as you do have an increased risk of developing the condition again. With your history you will be very closely monitored to try to prevent any complications occurring again and they may offer an early birth. In the meantime, you need to check your iron levels and liver function with a blood test so that you have some baseline results to go from. It is best to try to be in optimal health before you undertake the pregnancy.
Best wishes,

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