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My husband abd I have been trying to fall pregnant with our second child since December! I know it doesn't sound like a very long time, but we conceived our first child after the 'first attempt'! Is there any reason why it isn't happening as quickly this time? We are having sex from day 10 - day 17 of my cycle but still nothing!!!

Hi mummy_mia,

Just thought id butt in to let you know that you should join us on the trying to concieve forum, i too have been trying for 7 months with no luck so have just started using an ovulation kit.
Its very comforting and reasuring to talk with the other laddies just like us so give it a go if you like:)


From Amber:)

Amber, DS Bailey 09/03/04 & DS Astin 04/07/07

hi ! just thought ild let u know it took me 1 month to get pregnant the first time and bout 8 months the 2nd time it wasn't till i decided that i wasn't gonna try any more that i found i was pregnant (i didn't want to be pnet 4 my 21st as i was pnet for my 18th) . just thought ild let u know it will happen all in good time and when the time is right !

good luck sam

MUM TO RJ 28 10 03 & EJ 23 07 06

Thank you for your enquiry. Try not to be too concerned it takes a healthy couple on average six months to conceive a child and it is also considered normal to take up to 12 months. Keep a record of your period dates and the ideal time to conceive is 14 days before your period is due. Try not to have too much sex – try every second day rather than every day so that the sperm has time to mature and don’t worry it will happen.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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