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pregnancy and dermoid ovarian cysts Lock Rss

A few months ago i had an ultrasound because of irregular periods and it showed that i may have a dermoid ovarian cyst. Due to being a public patient I cannot see the gyno at King Edward in Perth until June. This month i have found out I am pregnant.

Can dermoid ovarian cysts cause problems with my pregnancy? Should I try and see another gyno earlier???

Also, if you have irregular periods and dont know when your lmp or ovulation date would have been how do you know/find out how far along you are in your pregnancy?


Clare-WA, Brodie 17.12.04, Lauren 13.12.06, Holly

Hi Clare,
Thank you for your enquiry. It really depends on the size of the cyst as to whether it is going to cause problems in the pregnancy. If it is large, you may experience discomfort as the baby grows. If it is fed by hormones the cyst may also grow during pregnancy or some shrink. You should really discuss this with your doctor. With an unknown LMP an early ultrasound is offered to try to ascertain the gestation of your baby.
Best wishes,
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