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good or bad pains??? Lock Rss

I'm only about 7-8 weeks preg (slight gap being that I have had no hospital appointment yet- was told to wait 10-12wks unless not well).

Is it too early to be getting braxton hick contractions (think that is how it's spelt!?)
If no- they are quite strong and very distracting!
Too the point that if I was 9mths preg I would assume this was the Very first few contractions!!

In my first pregnancy I got braxton hicks contraction in the 2nd tri. Only slight pains.
WELL.... I rang the hospital and they said you can only get braxton hicks from 20wks pregnant.
I came in and they gave me an internal, then an ultrasould because they thought it might have been an optopic (spelling???) pregnancy.
All ok but I have to come in more often if these pains stay on.
The next day they wanted me back in for a more detailed ultra sound to check everything else out (other than the baby growing in the right place).
We got a close up of baby - instead of it looking like a jelly bean, we could see it's head and general shape- and all was ok, they gave us a correct due date and babys age (7wks).
Thank you for your enquiry. If you are concerned you need to go to your doctor for a check up. Sometimes in early pregnancy you can experience some strange aches and pains that settle down as the pregnancy progresses but if in doubt get it checked out.
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