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hi am having a baby in 2 weeks i have to have a c certion on the 10 of may am really scared of having a opertion first time if anyone had the same thing tell me your story love to hear from you thank you lisa 100
Hi lisa100
I have just had a unplanned c-section on the 24/04 and now have a beautiful baby boy. I had a spinal block. I wont lie to you in the first 24 hours it is not to bad but the pain does feel like it gets worse. Keep up the pain killers and dont be afraid to asked for them you will need them. When you get home just take it easy and I hope that you have some one as special as I do. My husband is doing everything for me and be prepared to not do anything for at least 6 weeks. I hope your c-section goes well. Good Luck.

Sue, NSW

Hi Lisa
I've had both a natural birth and a c-section. I honestly believe that the c-section was easier to recover from compared with having an episeotomy (or stitches) down below.
You do need to take it easy, but within a week or 2, you will feel remarkably good with minimum discomfort.
Relax, and everything will be OK.
Enjoy parenthood
Hi Lisa,
Thank you for your enquiry. Today caesarian sections are fairly straightforward operations. You should be offered an epidural anaesthetic so that you can be awake during the operation to see the baby. It is still quite major abdominal surgery so you will need at least six weeks of recuperation.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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