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Piercings Lock Rss

hi my name is trisha im 17 yrs old and have just found out im 7 weeks pregnant now i know its still early but i need to know some info on my piercings as i have my belly done and i also had my nipple peirced but took it out 2 months ago... will i still be able to keep my belly piercing and will i be able to breast feed my child from the nipple that was pierced...thanks
I don't know about you nipple piercing - I have been told by a friend that you can still breastfeed but her nipple would leak a lot more after feeding (don't know if she was joking around or not!?), also to keep your belly ring during the pregnancy you can purchase a bar that is longer - i assume most places like essential beauty would sell them??
my sister kept her belly bar when she was preggy
hope it helps
Thank you for your enquiry. It is advisable to leave both piercings out during the pregnancy. The nipple piercing should heal over and you should experience no problems with breast feeding. The belly piercing may cause problems as your belly grows so it is best that you remove it.
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<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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