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shatpe stabbing pains above my blader Lock Rss

i am currently 15 1/2 weeks and ever since i was about 8 wks i have been getting sharp stabbing pains just above my bladder, (where you would get contractions) it used to happen only when i stood up but now i am getting them when i roll over in bed or when i am just standing upright, when i walk, pretty much at anytime. is there something wrong. i am very paranoid as i have yet to hear the babies heartbeat or have an ultrasound. i spoke to the mid wife and she said it was normal but i never had it with my first two pregnancies. it seems to be getting worse, should i forget what the midwife said and insist on some testing or is she right. it feels like i am being stabbed with a knife, it only lasts for about 20 seconds then goes away.
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I also get similar pains. Im 14 weeks this week and had a few pains today. I know that baby is lower down in my pelvis to where these pains are situated, so I'm not too concerned. Also I've only had a couple.

I am currently 8 1/2 weeks pregnant and also having very sharp stabbing pains above my bladder. They only last 20 seconds or so and I can have them when I roll over in bed, sneeze, when I walk or stand still. I have had 3 previous miscarriages and a successful pregnancy but I don't recall ever having these pains before. I have had an ultrasound and all was well. Are these normal and should I be worried?

Daniy, VIC

Thank you for your enquiry. The pain that you are describing could be normal or it may be a sign that you have a bladder infection so it may be best to see your GP for a check up.
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