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Bleeding at 14weeks and 3days Lock Rss

Hi There,

I had a bleed yesterday (14wks 2days) went into the hospital and after having test the dr said that the bleeding is not from the placenta it is from me he thinks somewhere in the bladder but didn't say much more about it, though I have to have an ultrasound tomorrow and another bloodtest to check on my HCG levels my levels, my levels yesterday were 49,000 so they want to do them again tomorrow to make sure they haven't dropped...
Do you have any ideas to why this has happened.
I am 31yrs, 3 children and had no bleed or any other problem with them, my Downes results were 1 / 1641.
Can you please put me mind at rest

Thank you for your enquiry. If the bleeding is coming from the bladder you may have an infection. I am sorry but without your full medical history I am unable to determine what else it may be. Your carers are being cautious and checking that everything with the baby is fine which is good. It may be best to contact your doctor again for a more detailed explanation.
Best wishes,

<a href="">NSW Midwives Association</a>
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