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Breech Baby at 34 weeks.. Lock Rss

A couple days ago at my midwife appointment, the midwife said that it feels as though my baby is in the breech position, being bum down instead of head down..i have to go back in 2 weeks to see if he has flipped back to normal..what are the chances of him staying breech? what happens if he remains breech in regards to delivery?


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My baby was breach at 36 weeks on the tuesday, went into labour on the thrusday told me she had turned. And this was not the case.

So she did not turn. Then I really wanted to give birth to her but her leg was stuck and still bum first so had to have an emergency c section.... they finally realised this when i was 10 cms dilated.... therefore had to be knocked out completely.

Hopefully your baby turns and if not hopefully they relaise this a little earlier then they did with me

Good luck


Thank you for your enquiry. There is a small chance that the baby may turn by 36 weeks. If not a procedure called ECV (external cephalic version) may be offered where an expert attempts to turn the baby. Otherwise you will be given the option of a trial vaginal birth or a planned caesarian section. Sometimes hospitals differ as to the methods that they use. If you are not happy with a decision or recommendation you are entitled to get a second opinion.
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