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Pregnancy supplements that include vitamin A Lock Rss

I am the mum to 1 year old twins and have just found out that I am expecting again. Today I went to get a pregnancy supplement to help me maintain good nutrition during this very busy time in our life. With my last pregnency, I was told to avoid vitamin A supplements, but today, I found that the commonly available supplements all have vitamin A included except for 'elevit'.

Was my origional advice correct or is vitamin A ok during pregnancy?
Thank you for your enquiry. If a supplement is specifically for pregnancy then it is considered safe. Vitamin A is not recommended as a supplement in pregnancy but it is present in a very small amount in some pregnancy medicines. If you are concerned then take the supplement without the Vitamin A or otherwise maintain a healthy diet containing three serves of calcium and as long as you have no pregnancy complications there is no need for extra supplements.
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