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I am about 28weeks pregnant, and all i do all the time is crave for sex really bad, but im not with the partner and not in a reletioship. And i really dont like the idea of just having a sexaul thing with someone u know... But is it really wrong to do it.

And also is it normal for you to be really confused about ur pregnancy like sometimes ill get really upset and think why did i ever keep this baby and i really start gettin negitive thoughts in my head and then i get more upset when i calm down becoz i think to myself how can u think like that...

Plz help



Hi Vanessa,
Thank you for your enquiry. You experience many hormone changes during pregnancy and many women experience an increased sex drive. If you feel a need to engage in sex with a person that you know little about you need to be sure that you practice safe sex. That is, always use a condom as you and your baby are being exposed to many potential illnesses and problems.

You can also experience some mixed feelings during pregnancy but it is always advisable to seek medical advice. They can help you deal with your feelings and perhaps suggest that you talk to people that are specially trained in this area. There is a website that gives more information on this topic. The link is
Best wishes,
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