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How much should baby move at 37 weeks? Lock Rss

Hi Alex,

I was wondering how often I should feel my baby move? I am 37 weeks and am worried that I am not feeling much movement.

I feel a light tap or poke, once or twice, where the feet are, and then that is all for several hours.



Hi Beck,
Thank you for your enquiry. Babies closer to term tend to move differently than earlier as they now mimic sleeping patterns that they will continue once they are born, they also don’t have much room to move. A baby close to term should have at least 10 movements in 24 hours –these movements can be when the baby is awake and active and tend to be in spurts rather than spread out. If you feel that your baby is not moving as much as this then you need to be checked by your carers for further assessment.
Best wishes,
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