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Teething? Lock Rss

Just wanting to know if it would be alright to rub Clove esstential oil on my 8 month old baby gums??
I know that cloves are very good for toothache.

Tarati NZ

Thank you for your enquiry. There are some herbal teething gels available the do contain clove essential oils so it is considered generally a good oil for teething. BUT never put undiluted essential oil straight on the baby’s gums. If you want to make up something yourself, you need to dilute it with some edible vegetable oil – say using only 4 drops of the essential oil and then 1 tablespoon of the vegetable oil. You also need to test it first on yourself as babies mouths are much more sensitive and adjust accordingly. Otherwise try and source a pre- prepared gel or oil especially for teething babies.
Best wishes,

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