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baby stops feeding Lock Rss

hi there, my 9 month old son just suddenly stopped breast feeding last night. I offer it to him he snuggles in to feed but takes a sip and pulls away and wont have any more, he drinks his water with no worries, he's fussy with his food too. It may be possible that i am pregnant would that have anything to do with it


Thank you for your enquiry. Sometimes a baby at nine months can start to wean themselves if they are eating solids reasonably well and are a good weight. They don’t tend to grow as much at this age. He may still want to breast feed so it should always be offered. A baby at nine moths is very unlikely to refuse the breast if you are pregnant as they are very well established on the breast and won’t refuse it unless they don’t want it. If you find that your son does wean himself, you need to be sure that he gets his calcium from other sources such as yoghurt and cheese and he can’t start cow’s milk until 12 months so if you want to give him milk he must have formula.
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