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Older siblings at babies birth Lock Rss

I'm just wondering what your opinion is as a widwife on having older siblings at a babies birth..I have 3 daughters aged 7,8 and 11 and am seriously considering having them at Lucy's birth as i think it would be an awesome experience and also a memory they will keep with them when they are teenagers to prevent them from getting pregnant too young lol!! just kidding,of course they won't be there the whole time, my mother has offered to watch them right up till that crucial point of pushing and then they will share with their stepdad and me the arrival of their little sister..I'm not sure about painkillers yet, an epidural might make them think its a breeze but then again if i'm screaming in agony it might be WAY to emotional for them..
i'm curious what your professional advice might be..


Thank you for your enquiry. It is entirely up to you if you want your daughters present at the birth. They are at a great age to really get a lot out of seeing a birth and they will remember it and feel special that they have been part of the birth too. It is good that you are planning to have another relative present as they can support your daughters and sit out with them if any of them don’t feel up to it. You need to talk to them about what may happen during the labour and birth and how you may behave so that there are prepared and not scared. Try not to think of it as a lesson not to get pregnant – they are a little too young to have any real impact - but a learning experience for them and a chance to experience something special as a family. It doesn’t really matter how your labour progresses if they have been told of all possibilities. You also need to discuss it with your carers as they may also have a few ideas.
Best wishes,
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