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How much pain is normal? Lock Rss

Hi I'm 27 and having my second baby girl on the 27th of August (due date). I've got a lot of lower and upper backache and SPD and I was wondering how much is normal? Or moreso... how painful is normal? I feel like my body is seizing up if I sit down for too long my back and pelvic/pubic area gets all stiff and I have to get up really slowly. If I stand for a long time in one spot (eg doing dishes) my back gets really sore and I feel faint. So I have to take regular breaks. I wake up during the night every time I have to move even one inch and especially when I have to turn/roll over. If I lie on my back in bed I get sharp pinching pains and so I can only lie on my right side. If I lie on my left side I get sharp pains in the abdomen.
All these pains I had last time but no where near as bad and I was working full-time and it was no where near as annoying. It hurts to hold my daughter when standing and to lift her out of her highchair. I basically can't do a lot of holding or lifting her up. I get the round ligament pains and backache if I carry/hold her too long and when I lift her out of her highchair.
I'm scared that I won't be able to cope up to 40 weeks and will have to go on bedrest or deliver early.
All these pains started earlier on this time too... last time it was at about 25 wks and this time it was at 13/14 wks.

I asked my midwife about the SPD and she said to see a chiropractor, wear a support belt and that was it. I didn't really go into much detail about how bad it was. But I just got the feeling this must be normal.

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I suffer from the same thing, most women do. I went to see a chiropractor yesterday and learnt all about it. She gave me some exersises to do and told me ways to ease the pain. I was also given a support belt to wear.. I would go see a chiroprator and hopefully you can get some releif smile

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Thank you for your enquiry. If you feel that the pain is affecting your daily functioning then you need to go for a check up. There may be something else that your carers can offer to assist you.
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