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leaking amniotic fluid??????? Lock Rss

im 32 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and im abit worried as the last month i have been 'leaking' its not like an inconstance thing as its not happening when i cough or sneeze or doing exercise it happens when im walking around or even sitting or lying down. it doesnt smell like urine im concerned that it is amniotic fluid is this possible?

danielle nsw dd 24/6/05, dd 26/7/06

I am 15 weeks tomorrow with my 3rd baby and I have been having the same thing happen to me it has happened 3 times now and i am sure its not urine I would like to know aswell should I be worried?


Thank you for your enquiry. During pregnancy the discharge can be increased and be of a more watery appearance. It may also be urine or it could be amniotic fluid. If you are concerned you need to be seen by your carers for a check up. Sometimes problems occur if you have an infection.
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